Reference Documents

This page lists documents created by PCSAR for the benefit of members and interested people.

The official by-laws for this organization.
PCSAR Standing Rules (HTML)
Standing Rules.
The PCSAR list
How to subscribe to and rules for use of the PCSAR YahooGroups list.
Field Guide (HTML)
A short guide to ground searching with PCSAR, including information about how you fit into the SAR model, lost people, training, and search procedures.
Field Guide (Microsoft Word)
The same guide as a Microsoft Word document (.doc).
Packing List (HTML)
An example packing list.  It is not meant to be the official list, but only a suggestion of items to carry.  (The discussion of pack contents sometimes becomes an almost-religious conversation.)
Packing List (Microsoft Word)
The same packing list as a Microsoft Word document.
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