This organization is known as the PALOUSE-CLEARWATER SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT, INC.
PALOUSE-CLEARWATER SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT, INC. is a nonprofit organization whose members voluntarily join together to assist all organizations involved in search and rescue operations and assist law enforcement agencies, when requested, in their efforts to find individuals.  The primary response is for search and rescue efforts.  We will, at all times, maintain a professional membership and obey the laws of the state of Idaho.
Section 1.  Regular Members.  Membership is extended to an individual who meets the requirements set by the Latah SAR Council and the Latah County Sheriff
Section 2. Honorary Members.  Honorary lifetime membership can be bestowed upon any individual who has given exemplary service to the PALOUSE-CLEARWATER SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT, INC. with a 2/3rds vote of the members present at the annual meeting.  No dues are required of honorary lifetime members and they hold no voting rights.
Section 3. Rendering Aid.  No member may stop and render aid to any person using the authority of the PALOUSE-CLEARWATER SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT, INC.
Five elected officers serve in an administrative capacity and comprise the Governing Board.  The officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Training Officer.  The term of office for each officer is one year.  Elections are held at the annual meeting and the term of office begins immediately following election.  Only members may hold office.  Members may only hold one elected office in any given year.  Nominations for office occur during the annual meeting.  Candidates for each office are voted on in alphabetical order based on the candidates’ last name.  The candidate receiving the most votes for each office is declared elected to that office.  Any officer may resign at any time.  A vacated office is filled by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting immediately following vacancy.
Section 1. Officer Duties
A. President.  The President presides at and conducts all meetings in accordance with ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER, and performs other duties as the governing board prescribes.  
B. Vice-President.  The Vice-President, in the absence of the President, performs all duties performed by the President.
C. Secretary.  The Secretary or his or her designee attends all meetings and keeps an accurate written record of each session.  
D. Treasurer.  The Treasurer has custody of all PALOUSE-CLEARWATER SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT, INC  funds and records relating thereto, and renders proper accounts of all such funds to the President or governing board when requested to do so.  This officer prepares and presents a treasurer’s report at each regular meeting.  The Treasurer pays all bills after they have been properly authorized by majority vote of the membership.  Checks require two signatures and are signed by two designated members appointed from the elected officers by the membership.
E. Training Officer.   The training officer is responsible for scheduling training sessions.
Section 2. Quorum.
A quorum of the Governing Board is 3 of the 5 members of the governing board.  A quorum of the board is required before voting on any matters pertaining to. business (of an emergency nature) that cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting.  
Section 1  Annual Meeting
PALOUSE-CLEARWATER SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT, INC. holds its annual meeting each March at a time and place to be determined at the preceding January or February General Membership Meeting.
Section 2  Regular Membership Meetings
PALOUSE-CLEARWATER SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT, INC. holds its regular membership meeting the second Wednesday of each month other than March at 7:00 PM in Moscow, Idaho.
Dues of $10.00 per year are payable at each Annual Meeting.  Partial or full dues may be payable by new members upon their acceptance as a member.  
The PALOUSE-CLEARWATER SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT, INC. bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the active membership attending the annual meeting.  Proposed changes to the bylaws are due in writing to the President by the January meeting.  All members are then notified of the proposed changes via email or U.S. mail prior to the annual meeting.  Evidence of mailing constitutes reception of the notification.
Each member, excluding Honorary Members, is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date personal training file.
Section 1  Adoption of Standing Rules
Standing Rules can be adopted at any regular meeting of the members by a majority vote of those present.
Section 2 Amendments to Standing Rules
Amendments to the Standing Rules can be made at any regular meeting of the members by a majority vote of those present.

ADOPTED this 11th day of March, 2009.
(Signatures of the officers at the time)

PCSAR 02/12/2011 by GB.