How to subscribe to the PCSAR List

A YahooGroups list has been created to handle distribution of non-confidential information. All members are expected to subscribe to this list and are welcome to post to it. People from other organizations are also members, although they rarely post to it.

Privileges of list members differ. Current members are authorized to post to the list without moderator involvement. Other members' posts may be delayed while a moderator vets the message content.

This method should get you subscribed to the PCSAR list server.

  1. If you are not already registered with YahooGroups, you should register. This is not required, but it has some advantages: You should include your name when you register so that the PCSAR list moderator can easily identify you.
  2. From the email account from which you wish to receive messages, send a message to You should probably include a "Subject" line to keep your mail client happy. The message doesn't need to contain any special content. In fact, content should not make any difference.
  3. You shortly should receive a message from Yahoogroups asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe. You should follow the directions in that message. (It should be as easy as replying to it.)
  4. Your request will be delivered to a list moderator, who will determine your eligibility. If you registered with YahooGroups and provided your name, it will be easy to identify you and permit your subscription. Otherwise there may be a delay while the moderator determines who you are.
  5. Once the moderator accepts your subscription, you should receive a message from Yahoogroups that you've been added to the group.
  6. As a confirmation, you should post a message to the group stating that you're now on the list. You and about 20 others should receive that message.

Some notes about using the group:

You're also welcome to also sign up for the Latah SAR Council list. It works the same way, with the subscription request sent to "".

PCSAR 10/11/2018 by GB.