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Palouse-Clearwater Search and Rescue was founded in the late 1960's with a mission to perform SAR activities in the Palouse and Clearwater river drainages. The organization has moved from bulky radios and huge backpacks to modern technology, yet continues its original mission: to find lost people in backcountry or roadless areas, then transport them to a place where conventional Emergency Medical Services can take over. With the advent of additional SAR groups in other counties, PCSAR's operational area is now primarily Latah County.

As of late 2007, about 15 people were members of PCSAR. Their ages ranged from 19 to 63. Some have been members since the 1970's.  Most have been with the group for fewer than five years. Since Moscow is a college town, many members are students or spouses, and their time with the group is short.

PCSAR is mobilized infrequently in comparison to other groups (e.g. King County, Washington), so we concentrate on training and preparedness. The group works to offer ten outdoor training exercises per year, as well as table-top training following each monthly business meeting.

PCSAR is also available to assist other SAR groups in other jurisdictions, especially Whitman County, Washington and Idaho counties adjacent to Latah County.

PCSAR is one SAR unit of several in Latah County, Idaho. The others include:

Other units with weaker ties to the Council include the Latah Snodrifters snowmobile club and the Palouse Hills Amateur Radio Club.

For more information on PCSAR, please contact one of the officers.

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